Hair Part Theory – Discover the surprise!

Welcome to the blog for the Hair Part Theory, the surprisingly accurate predictor of behavior and personality first described by siblings John and Catherine Walter in their original paper the Hair Part Theory .

What we have found is that while the theory is both controversial and quite bizarre, when it does apply, it can properly illuminate and gives some good explanations for completely unusual personality types.

This blog is dedicated to pointing out the figures in public life that part their hair on the right side, otherwise known as “right parters”. Because the theory posits that when you part on the right, you emphasize the right brain, you are usually seen as atypical, mysterious, and yes, quite often bizarre.

Every day we see more and more examples, so the best way to put this up is the blog that shows pictures and examples…

Important: please note that the Hair Part Theory is best understood as a potential bias – its not always present, and occurs at different degrees. Especially in regards to the right hair part – the main similarity between each person is that they just are so different than everyone else, including other right hair parters!

Read on!

3 thoughts on “Hair Part Theory – Discover the surprise!

  1. optikalwinter says:

    I have a natural right part that cannot be changed (believe me ive tried) because I have a whorl at the back, on the right, that grows counter clockwise thus forcing me to part my hair on the right, as I have no left part.

    I find this theory offensive to me as a man because it insinuates that I am, cannot be, and will never be percieved, as masculine. As well as such that I will always be viewed with apprehension and negativity.

    This is especially gloomy considering that I desire to be an actor and as such will never be chosen for typically leading male roles as according to the article I will be condemmed to portraying nothing but nerds, gays and villains. And that is of course assuming that I CAN get into acting because as you say the right part is viewed with scrutiny, scorn, and mistrust, denotes lack of confidence, assertiveness, authority, and masculinity.

    I have also tried parting my hair to the right for several years and noticed absolutely NO change in my social interactions. So it really just might be a “theory” after all.

    What say you to this?

    • John Walter says:

      I am sorry to hear that the theory is offensive to you and that you rightly point out that the choice of words we used is so negative. There are plenty of positives on the right side as well: sensitive, deep, heartfelt, genuine, caring, warm, complex, creative, unique, profound. The issue remains however that the right hair part on men is distinctly atypical, and as such could be a negative or a positive. It is rarely neutral. But in terms of acting, yes, a lot of quite unusual characters are cast with or from right parting men, especially if you look at commercials, where the impression must be made in less than 5 or 10 seconds. But at the same time, some of the biggest Hollywood stars and movie idols are men with right hair parts, such as Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Tom Cruise (oops, theres the atypical one again). It seems to follow that if you are tall and handsome, the right part can work tremendously in your favor.

      Regarding your social interactions, the point of the hair part theory is that either side part signals a particular set of stereotypical character traits, and just like any stereotype, there can be exceptions and places where it doesn’t fit. But in my testing, it fits a whole lot more times than when it doesn’t. My own personal experience was that it made a huge difference right away, and even better, when i decided on no part at all, i found that to be the best – i would prefer that my hair doesn’t bias an interaction before i even do or say anything.

      thank you for your comment, and i hope that my response has been helpful

      • optikalwinter says:

        Thank you for replying to my post, i found what you said indeed helpful. I did not mean the word offensive as strongly as It probably came across, it was simply for lack of a better word.

        In any case I did a little expirementing, using reversing mirrors and taking photos of myself to see what other people see and actually I look quite good with a right hair part. Because this whole time I was using left hair part which I thought looked great until I realized that It only looks that way in a normal mirror. I cannot have a neutral part as my hair grows a natural pompadour which looks quite silly on me to be honest, so I have to keep my hair either left or right. Which is a shame really because I dont want my acting career to be determined on something as trivial as which side my hair is parted…oh well.

        My apologies for the vitriolic comment (if it came across as such)

        Maybe there is some truth to that theory after all, because I was indeed reacting out of emotion. So its possible.

        Anyways please take it easy, im going to buy one of em newfangled reverse mirrors for personal use now after what I discovered haha

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