Hair Parts in Congress

One of the more striking examples of how hair parts are affecting our world is to look at the way the US Congress is differentiated by hair parting.  Politics aside, because the side parts are on both sides of the aisle, the Hair Part Theory would say that the prevalance of side parts (more than 80%) is a contributor to the polarization within our current political situation.   Those with side parts tend to be more out of balance than usual, because one side of the brain is always being emphasized at the expense of the other.

here is a graphic illustration of the way it breaks down in the 110th congress (includes other groupings too):

The percentages are also not representative of the general population.  The following are averages of various samples taken over the last 10 years:

General Population* 110th Congress 105th Congress Left Part 40% 54% 56% Right Part 3% 18% 17% Center part 50% 20% 26% (includes bald) Bald ** 35% 9% NA Notes:
* General Population averages are based on long term observation of multiple population groups – exact total figures are hard to quantify since there is a high dependence on demographics.
** Baldness at a later age in much more prevalent in the population and includes men who parted on either side prior to losing their hair

About John Walter

A long long time ago when I was just 19, I discovered the effects of changing my hair part from right to left. The strength of the change - in my case from a social misfit to "Joe Popular" was amazing, and not only that, when I looked around, it was happening to others. The Hair Part Theory was the result of researching the effects and putting it into a more scientific framework and language. My sister Catherine Walter was instrumental in getting my vague handwaving theories into a great paper, including a slew of statistics to illustrate just how many leaders we have that are hair parters! A few years after discovering the Hair Part Theory, I discovered, or more accurately re-discovered a true image mirror - and recognized myself at a deep level. The full story is elsewhere on this blog (link coming), but suffice to say that the True Mirror (the trade name of my perfect version), reflects your hair part the way it actually is, and you can see exactly what you are matters!
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