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A long long time ago when I was just 19, I discovered the effects of changing my hair part from right to left. The strength of the change - in my case from a social misfit to "Joe Popular" was amazing, and not only that, when I looked around, it was happening to others. The Hair Part Theory was the result of researching the effects and putting it into a more scientific framework and language. My sister Catherine Walter was instrumental in getting my vague handwaving theories into a great paper, including a slew of statistics to illustrate just how many leaders we have that are hair parters! A few years after discovering the Hair Part Theory, I discovered, or more accurately re-discovered a true image mirror - and recognized myself at a deep level. The full story is elsewhere on this blog (link coming), but suffice to say that the True Mirror (the trade name of my perfect version), reflects your hair part the way it actually is, and you can see exactly what you are matters!

Classic Left Part on Men

When men part their hari on the left, its a classic look for them, and leads to classic male personalites.  Its a look that has a lot of history, and is the powerful look of the man who is running … Continue reading

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Miller Light Man Up Commercial

This set of commercials gets men doing “unmanly” things, like wearing a skirt, or skinny jeans.   This one below has a guy getting beads at Mardi Gras by exposing his chest – much like women do…and he’s kind of … Continue reading

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Superman’s Hair Part through the years

The first time I saw the first Superman Movie (with Christopher Reeve), I almost fell out of my seat – the film director or someone in makeup decided to switch his hair part from right to left when going from … Continue reading

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Subway Commercial Do You Want to be my Boyfriend

great example of a right parting man getting taken advantage of…this Subway commerrcial is followed this year with a new version and pretty much the same result for the poor guy! here is the full link: and

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Hair switcheroo at the debates

One of the quick viral photos that happened from the recent Presidential Debates was one that flipped the hair style on both candidates: But in fact, whoever made this photoshop didnt get the hair part right – Romney is on … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton switches to a right part

Update 2015: She is back wearing a left part. Hillary Clinton, who has strong credentials in the world of politics and statesmanship, has both taken advantage of and been criticized for her strong image, often being accused of not being … Continue reading

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Hair Part Statistics

The left part on both men and women is much more standard than the right part – although in sampling large groups of people, the “no part” or center part beats both. Rough statistics from many observations show about 50% … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh – Ex Right Parter

Rush Limbaugh is in the news again, and not for very good reasons. Well, maybe for his ratings – he loves to stir the pot. But I think that his truly rabid and highly antisocial rants and raves comes from … Continue reading

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Crystal Lite Commercial – head tilt showing emphasis

Great new ad that illustrates Catherine Walter’s later addition to the Hair Part Theory … the head tilt emphasizing which hemisphere is drawing the focus … At the end of ad – Girl Power to Go, her right eye is … Continue reading

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Subway commercials – right part sample

Here is a classic TV commercial that shows how the right part is shown as a total patsy: Subway commercial – will you be my girlfriend?

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